Innovation is our mission

Voltflex Innovations has been founded in 2004 to provide wire harness solutions to transportation equipment manufacturers that surpass the common products found in the market over decades.

The various technical challenges given by our clients (large gaps of temperature, unpaved roads, abrasives spreading, forest, farm and mining activities) have led us to specialize in applications for extreme conditions and harsh environments.


Exclusive process

Absolute sealing

Over time, our developed expertise took us to another level and helped us build Voltflex Innovations around a standard of an extremely effective range of products such as:

  • An exclusive weld spots over-molding process that ensure a total waterproofing of the joints
  • Customized systems, including a set of cables, generic or custom-designed lights and electronic lighting control solutions such as salt spreaders LED lighting control devices, self-de-icing LED lights (SMART LED), etc.

These innovations radically simplify maintenance of the equipment and reduce shut-down time. These savings obviously reflect on the profitability of either manufacturer and end user’s operations.