Voltflex warranty

Covers electrical harnesses and lights systems

As soon as an abnormality is noted on the electrical harness, you may contact the manufacturer. Do not attempt to diagnose the problem yourself and make your own repairs, except if the problem is evident and easy to fix.

The harnesses are covered by our limited five (5) years warranty, or until the warranty covering the original equipment is expired. The first of these two conditions met is applicable.


The warranty covers manufacturing defects and reliability of the harnesses components like: molded joints, welding points, waterproofness of the connectors, full integrity of the wire jacket (cracks, leaks, dryness) and corrosion. About the light connections, the warranty doesn’t cover the harness if different old-style bullet connections weren’t lubed on a regular basis, as we originally supply them.

These lights are likely to corrode and affect the harness integrity. Therefore, please note that most of the lights provided by Voltflex Innovations are powered by OEM sealed connectors without any maintenance required.

All claims must be accompanied by the serial number of the original equipment and the date of service, as well as clear pictures or return of the defective part of the item.

The warranty provides either partial or total material compensation for the harness, depending on the defective part(s) of the product.

Upon approval of a claim, the new material will be shipped and the labour required for the replacement of the harness will be covered at the prevailing rate.

The lights provided by Voltflex Innovations are covered by an unlimited warranty. The only exception concerns some old-style bullet connections on the back of some light models.

Obviously, these connections couldn’t be covered by our warranty if they haven’t been lubed on a regular basis, as we originally supply them.

Again, a clear picture or return of the defective part is required.

For additional information, feel free to contact us.